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My name is Isaac. I'd like to introduce you to my flock.

We (see our pictures) belong to an ancient breed called Jacob Sheep. We have a polycerate gene which means we have multiple horns. We have as few as two and as many as six. Most of us have either two or four horns. Both Rams and Ewes have horns.

We originated in the Middle East over 3,000 years ago. Our fleeces are piebald - white with dark spots. We are very handsome! We produce a medium wool that is great for hand-spinning, weaving, and felting.

Each of us has spots that vary in color from greys to browns to black. That's what makes Mickey's hats so interesting. Each one is unique in color and pattern.

Each hat bears the name of the sheep who supplied the wool. It even has our picture!

Our shepherd's name is Mickey. She is a fiber artist and uses our wool to make hand-felted hats. Her hats have spots -- like us! Mickey makes baseball caps, fedoras, ladies' hats and cowboy hats. Her business is called Spotted Fever.

What is Felt ?

Felt is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. It is made from wool.

The Greeks used it to line their helmets. The Roman soldiers wore breast plates of felt. Chinese warriors wore felt boots. The Mongolians still use it today to insulate their yurts.

Felt is made in layers. The wool fibers are arranged east to west, then north to south. Warm soapy water opens the fibers so they grab onto each other. The fibers are then agitated until they become a piece of cloth.

Felt is warm, water resistant and durable. It is used today for tips of pens, blackboard erasers, polishing wheels and coverings for piano hammers as well as for clothing and hats.

Its uses are as practical now as they have been for centuries.

Felt is the fabric of history.

The rough shaping, properly called hoods.

Blocking the hat

Traditional wooden hat block with finished hats. Custom made by Fred J. Raab, Edgewater Park, NJ

Mickey's hats begin with a freshly sheared fleece. After washing and carding, Mickey works completely by hand to first make the rough draft (or "hood). The hood is then placed on a traditional wooden hat block, which is custom made to Mickey's specifications, where Mickey turns the rough draft into a special one of a kind, hand crafted hat - just for you from Spotted-Fever Hat Works. As the song says:

Let me tell you this,
You'll deserve a kiss,
Sometimes it happens like that
When you're wearing the right kind of hat

Hats custom made specially for you! Please check out our catalog

The finished product!


This timeless style is showcased by Angelina Jolie in her new movie "Changeling". Another hand-felted classic style with a new point of view.

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